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The type of ball screen
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One, the type of ball screen

1. Watermelon rind LED spherical screen:

The earliest ball screen in the market, commonly known as the watermelon rind spherical screen, is composed of watermelon rind-like PCBs. Its advantage is that the structure is intuitive, and there are fewer types of PCB. To the north and south of 45°south latitude), images cannot be played normally, so the picture utilization is too low or the image is severely deformed. The reason is that the pixel points of all current image sources are arranged in rows and columns, and the pixel points of the South and North 2* pixels of the watermelon rind LED spherical screen are not arranged in rows and columns, but arranged in a circle, so It is difficult to display. See the figure below.

2. Triangular LED spherical screen:

The ball screen composed of a flat triangular PCB, commonly known as a football screen, overcomes the shortcomings of the watermelon peel ball screen that cannot play images in the north and south, so the screen utilization is greatly improved. The disadvantage is that there are many types of PCBs, and the pixel dots are arranged in a honeycomb shape* and the dot pitch cannot be too small, and software programming is also more troublesome.

3. Six-sided LED spherical screen:

It is an LED spherical screen composed of a quadrilateral PCB that has only recently appeared, and is called a six-sided LED spherical screen. The layout of the dots is closer to the flat LED display. The small dot pitch is similar to that of the flat LED display. The limitation is small or almost no control. Therefore, the effect is much better than the spherical screen composed of triangular PCB. Divide the entire spherical surface into 6 surfaces of the same shape and size, and then divide each surface into 4 unit boxes of the same shape and size, 6 surfaces totaling 24. Each unit box is composed of 16 PCBs with LED lights welded on the surface, and then they are installed into an LED spherical screen.

The type of PCB board of the six-sided LED spherical screen is also less than that of the football screen. The pixel layout is closer to the normal flat LED display, and the smallest dot pitch is similar to that of the flat LED display. Therefore, the image sources that can be used to play on the ordinary flat LED display can be directly played on the six-sided panoramic LED spherical screen. , The effect is much better than the ball screen composed of watermelon skin PCB and the ball screen composed of triangular PCB.

In terms of physical size, the entire spherical screen is composed of 6 surfaces with exactly the same shape and size, and each surface is composed of 4 unit boxes with exactly the same shape and size, as shown in Figures 5 and 7. They can be put in *empty boxes, which are very convenient for disassembly and assembly, which is convenient for renters. In terms of software playback function, of course, it can also use 1* frequency source to play on the entire spherical surface like a watermelon rind LED spherical screen, such as a globe. It can also play 6 different *frequency sources or the same *frequency source on 6 faces of the same size (ie top, bottom, left, right, front and back 6 faces). Of course, different video sources can be played individually or in combination through software. This is especially important for spherical screens with a diameter greater than 2 meters. Because a person's height is below 2 meters, the effective focus angle is only about 1/6 of the surface of the ball.

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