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Thousand level dust-free purification and hundred level purification workshop provide high-quality production environment for manufacturing products

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Focus on serving customers, wholeheartedly make high-quality products, and build an international brand.

★Medium film coating, using imported coating equipment and first-class coating technology. It can be coated with special requirements such as narrow band, film, long wave pass, etc.

★Laser cutting, high-efficiency, high-quality lens processing, professional slicing, can be processed into different sizes of lenses according to customer needs, and can meet high-quality needs, micro-cracks <10um.

★Ultrasonic cleaning, professional lens cleaning technology, can ensure that the surface of the lens is clean and stain-free.

★Printing, the ink printing on the surface of the lens is precise and accurate, and the accuracy can reach 0.05mm.

★Lamination technology, professional combination of IR and Holder, with a lamination accuracy of 0.03mm.

★R&D and design, design new products and new fixtures in the industry for customer needs and in-plant production needs.