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Talent Concept

Outstanding talents are the foundation for realizing the strategic goals of the enterprise and the driving force for the sustainable development of the enterprise.

The company uses scientific talent training methods, available incentive mechanisms, fair competition platforms, and broad career development space to recruit talents. It has increased its efforts in the "selection, training, use and retention" of human resources, and continuously optimized the quality structure of personnel. . Let every employee fully reflect their self-worth in the collective of Chuangyuan Intelligence, achieve the fit of personal career planning and corporate development goals, and grow together with the company.

The company respects the value concept of "win-win responsibility, health and long-term", and uses this as the guiding principle of our human resources work. We believe that "outstanding employees who complete their jobs are the company's wealth", and the company focuses on employees' integrity, honesty and commitment Responsible professional ethics, to promote communication, cooperation and dedication, mutual help and mutual assistance. The company provides employees with a good working environment and development platform with scientific and standardized management, and strives to achieve common development and progress between employees and the company.